NJ's only stay-at-home Dad /Golden Retriever I.T. Team

Gulliver Data Solutions is a mobile computer service based out of Ocean County, NJ. We're looking to help our neighbors stay safe from cyber-crime and try and keep busy while the little human is in school.

Protect Your Computer

Ransomware has been hitting NJ hard ever since Covid-19

Every device with an internet connection can be a potential entry point for cyber criminals. Gulliver Data Solutions can lock them out for good.

Protect Your Home

Computers are great. Especially when they break.

Like...all the time. We share your frustrations. Fill out our repair form and we'll see if we can help.

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Members of your community are already benefitting from our mobile computer service

Full disclosure the review from Samantha is my wife <3

But I really did fix up all her busted computers.


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